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Audio Post Production

Audio post production is all stages of Audio Production relating to sound produced and synchronized with moving pictures (film, television, or video). It involves music composition, sound design, effects, Foley, ADR, sound editing, audio mixing and mastering.

  • Using Pro Tools 2018 (Audio Post)

  • Using Logic X (Music Composition).

Voice Over Recording

With our large pool of Voice Talents specializing in lip sync/ voice acting/ narration and announcements read, They can also record in different languages such as English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil and other foreign languages.

  • Using Rode Nt2000 Condenser Mic (Studio B).

  • Using Studio Project C1 Condenser Mic (Studio A)

Voice Prompt

We specialize in recording message that is played by auto attendants, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, message-on-hold systems, voicemail, cell phone greetings, automated call distribution equipment (ACD) and other voice processing tools.

  • We will be able to export to .VOX or any audio format for your IVR system

Music Album Production

Our team has many past experiences in production of variety genres of albums and we have worked with various artists/producers, namely, Sheila Majid, Zainal Abidin, Anita Sarawak, Rahim Maarof, the late Teresa Teng, Manhand, dayDream, DJ Luke, Amir Yusuf, Davy Chan, Softlipa (Taiwan), Alex San, Cheng Kam Cheong etc.

  • We provide top Malaysian session musicians for your album, We have guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, or backing vocalist in our talent’s pool

Corporate Theme Song

Having a Theme Song for a Company creates a strong branding for the Company. Our team of producers’ and composers’ goal is to produce meaningful and impactful songs that can bring Corporate branding to the next level.

  • We believe that a great Company Theme Song gives life and identity to the company

Jingle Composition

Relating a melody to a brand is important in this competitive market. We are specialized in putting a memorable melody or sound that matches the direction and image of the brand, which can last for years.

  • Jingle must always be short and sweet. Leave it to us to make the most impactful 30 to 60 seconds sound to your brand on its first play.

Sound Design

Designing the right sound is a great challenge. Our team imagines sound that is out of this world and can transform a good film to a great one.

  • Over 30GB of sound effects samples, purchased from sound effects libraries and own foley collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my business need a Commercial Jingle?2020-04-21T06:33:48+00:00

Music influences the way people think and buy. A custom commercial jingle grabs attention, instantly identifies you and your message, making a lasting impression and actually excites viewers and listeners about your business.

What is a Jingle?2020-04-21T06:33:31+00:00

A jingle for radio advertising is a catchy tune written to fit words to make them easy to remember. Putting a tune to a message makes it memorable. Most importantly, jingle connects customers with businesses.

How is Mastering different from Mixing?2020-04-21T06:33:02+00:00

Mixing is bringing the individual parts of a song together to work as one. Mastering is bringing the individual songs of an album together to work as one. Mixing is something that should always be planned and budgeted for whereas whether to master is a decision that should be made on a case-by-case basis.

Is Mastering necessary?2020-04-21T06:32:49+00:00

Most of the cases yes. However, if the mix does not need any modifying : it is at a perfect volume level, fades are well done, EQ is consistent throughout, compression is right on, etc.; then there is no need for mastering.

What is Mastering?2020-04-21T06:32:33+00:00

Mastering is the final step of Audio Post-Production. The purpose of Mastering is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Traditionally, mastering is done using tools like equalization, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement.

Why is Voice Over Effective for a brand?2020-04-21T06:32:20+00:00

Not only do Voice Overs provide narration to a variety of Audio and Video Productions, they also alter the effectiveness of content and provoke thought and emotion in viewers and listeners. The power of Voice Overs offers an effective way to peak the interest in a certain audience and spread information.

Can I audition for Voice Over Talent?2020-04-21T06:32:08+00:00

Yes, definitely! We are constantly looking for Voice Over and Vocal talents to add into our pool of talents! Do contact us.

What is the difference between Voice Over and Voice Acting?2020-04-21T06:31:57+00:00

The difference between these two terms is , rather, that Voiceover is announcing based while Voice Acting employs skills known to the creative actor.

Do you provide Voice Over and Vocal Talents ?2020-04-21T06:31:46+00:00

We certainly do! We offer male, female as well as kids voices in many languages, such as in English, Malay and Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese/Other Dialects). Oh, and we have some foreign language talents in our pool too! Do let us know what you need and we will provide.

Your Studio is beautiful! Can I take a tour?2020-04-21T06:30:15+00:00

Sure you can! Contact us to make an appointment to visit. We will also give you a free consultation regarding your audio needs.

Why don’t you list your Studio Rates?2020-04-21T06:30:38+00:00

Our rates are on project basis. Do contact us for more detailed quotations.

How do you charge for a Recording Session?2020-04-21T06:30:51+00:00

Our charges vary; ranging from studio time charges to other charges such as Recording, Editing, Laying of Tracks, Sound Effects, Library Music/Music Composition, Mixing & Mastering.

Do I need to be there during the Recording session ?2020-04-21T06:30:55+00:00

The arrangement is flexible according to your needs. However, we highly recommend your presence, so that you will be able to approve or comment on the recording on the spot for better efficiency and cost saving.

What are the Operation Hours?2020-04-21T06:30:57+00:00

We are available from 9.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. Do not hesitate to make special arrangements with us for urgent projects.

Why Do We Need A Professional Recording Studio?2020-04-21T06:30:41+00:00

There are several reasons for this: access to a larger recording space with excellent acoustics, a selection of great microphones, high-quality preamps and experienced engineer/producers. Equally important is the fresh perspective of recording in a pro studio. Professional Studio also helps to reduce echo that could otherwise interfere with the final results.The saying that “you get exactly what you pay for” is true for so many things, including recording music in a studio.

You can’t expect your Songs, Radio Jingles or TV Commercials to sound as professionally clear and clean if it’s not produced at a recording studio staffed with experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Additionally, if outside help is needed, the experience and skills of the session musicians will be provided.

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