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Aug 12 2016

What more can we do?

So… Richard and I were having tea this afternoon, and we talked about everything: my life, his wife, my dog, his coffee, the list goes on.  Came to a topic where we feel that things are changing every single day. Technology today is not the same as yesterday. It’s so fast that sometimes, it is hard to catch up on the latest. Everything is getting more convenient day by day. So, when it’s convenient that we gain, we lose something.

That applies to all industry including ours. Advertising is now more focused on social media, rather than traditional, because it’s convenient for people. Viral seems to be the new word for effective circulation. Directions are changing, approaches are different, and people are more exposed.

So the question is, how can audio production gain from this technology convenience? We came out on a few ideas, but that has to be refined. That’s something we would like to explore more on, what’s your thought on this?

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