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Aug 12 2016

Stepping into our 5th Year!

Hehe haha, already 5 years into business, Say long not long, say short not short. We have our ups and downs in this Super “Ang” journey. We gain some; we lose some along the way. But the most important thing is we grow and learn during the process.

When Richard and I started this studio, we knew nothing about business. We were just 2 lads sharing the same dream to have our own studio to create our passion – music and sound.  As we venture, we learnt that besides having passion, much need to be done to sustain a business. So we had to upgrade our management skills and even went to take up business course (power!). We are lucky enough to have friends and family around us to guide us and advise. You know la… we are just musician, many other things are also needed to run a studio.

We are glad that we are able to keep the passion burning and the same time having all the support from our clients, associates, & talents. We will keep producing good work and hope for the continuous support from all! Cheers to more years to come!!

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