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Aug 12 2016

For those who still don’t have a clue on what we really do…

So, there was one day, I was telling my relative that I’m in the audio post production line. I produce, compose, & also a sound engineer. (Cari makan susah, must have more skills) And as expected, the question pops up, “what is that ah?” At that moment, I know something has to be done; so that more people can understand the works of it.

Hence, this blog.

According to Wikipedia: Audio post production is the general term for all stages of production happening between the actual recording in a studio and the completion of a master recording. It involves, sound designsound editingaudio mixing, and the addition of effects.

That’s right, I work in a recording studio, which caters to clients needs to record, edit, mix and master, be it for Film or Music.

What do I usually record?

What ever that produces sound, we will be able to record it, most commonly, voice overs/ vocals, musical instruments & sound effects foley.

…and what is it for?

Mostly commercial, i.e. TV ads, radio ads, corporate videos, web videos, voice prompts (you know when you call a big company and they have this “Untuk Bahasa Malaysia sila tekan 1”… ) & of course music albums.

Sometimes I do Sound Design… so this is a process where I create a sound effect that to enhance the video, or just audio imagination.  Involves, Foley (example, recording footsteps), layering, tweaking & editing of the sound.

Watch this if you still have no idea what I am saying, very interesting :

Sometimes I mix… Mixing is a process where I level, cut or boost EQ, compress, & add effects to all the different recorded tracks in a song/ film production.

After Mix I Master… This is the final process of boosting or limiting the final mix down to the level according to medium specifications. Some like it hot, some like it cold.

There you go, that’s the audio postproduction process we do everyday.

But other than those, I (together with my Super Red musicians) can also create awesomazing music for you too! We can compose (create melody), arrange (adding musical instruments to the melody), & lyrics (putting words to the melody). Throw us a blank canvas and we will paint a beautiful picture for you any day!!

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