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“If you can imagine it, we can make it come alive with sound.” 

What We Do

As a Recording and Audio Post Production Studio set up, we are uniquely positioned to meet all of our clients’ end-to-end production needs. This entails our specialties in music, voice and sound effects; always with a keen awareness of what is conveyed to audiences through audio.

From TV and radio commercials, to corporate videos and feature films, Super Red Music strive to apply innovative sound engineering and the highest-quality audio production to every project we take on.


Our History

Super Red Music Sdn Bhd started in early 2012. During the 6 years in business, Super Red Music Sdn Bhd has worked with many production houses and agencies locally and internationally such as: Dentsu Isobar, Studio Rawr Pictures, Lorrypop Studio, People & Rich, EON Media, Krakatau, Oxygen, Intigus, Film Stage, Asia Tropical Films, Shootworks and many more.

We are a Recording and Audio Post Production Studio set-up to meet your end-to-end production needs. If you can think it, we can put the sound to it. Whether that sound comes in the form of music, voice or effects, Super ReD will convey what’s in your mind into your potential listeners’ ears.

We are specialized in TV commercials, Radio commercials, corporate videos, movies and also short films.



The Super Red Team

  • Richard Chua

    Richard Skin Chua
    Music Producer/Composer

    • Experience: 25 years
    • Worked with: TIC Studio, T8ne Records, Restless Productions, Reality TV, Shoot Work Asia, Proximo, Pegasus Film, Oxygen Advertising, MVP Digital, Intigus, Frame Motion, Creative Creed, CK Graphics, Studio Raw Pictures, Film Stage, Cheil, Hakuhodo, Batey Ads, People N Rich, McCann Eriksson, Leo Burnett, Lowe Lintas, Dentsu Young & Rubicam, Euro RSGC, Classic Films, Film Stage, LAB, Asia Tropical Films, Pixelpost and Ogilvy & Mather.
    • Jingles Produced: Honda Civic Type R, Bukit Bintang City Centre, Honestbee, Joven, Sharp Aqua, Massimo, KFC, WOW Brand, Per’l, Ali Cafe, Mynic, Old Town White Coffee, PruBSN Takaful, Morganfield’s, Mah Sing, MOG, MBG Fruits, Maybank, Gardenia, Subway, Dunhill, Marlboro, BMW, Ponds, L’Oreal, Telekom Malaysia, the Malaysian Ministry Of Transport, BP Petrol, Men’s Biore, Vono, Aeon Jusco, Hitachi, Shell, Astro, Panasonic, Pizza Hut Tutti Fruitti, May and Milo.
    • Artists Produced: SIBKL Worship, Von, Casey and Francesca Peters, Sheila Majid, Zainal Abidin, Anita Sarawak, the late Teresa Teng, DJ Luke, Nick 988, Brian Gomez, Seha and Amir Yusuf.



  • Daeren Tan

    Daeren Tan
    BA Communication Studies (NZ)

    • Experience: 15 years
    • Worked with: People N Rich, Hakuhodo, Intigus, Classic Films, Film Stage, LAB, Asia Tropical Films, Pixelpost, Studio Rawr Pictures, Lorrypop Studio
    • Jingles Produced: Joven, Honestbee, Marigold, Gardenia, Subway, Tron, Delfi Marketing, Skin Soul, Honestbee, Joven.
    • Artists Produced: ManHanD, dayDream, DJ Luke, Kevin Lai, Nick, Media Prima Berhad Chinese New Year Album, etc
    • Awards Recieved: PWH Music awards (Best Dialect Song/Best Album Produced), Global Chinese Music Awards (Best Malaysian Artist), One FM Awards (Top 10 Song)



  • Ling Hui

    Ling Hui

    Bachelor of Music (Persembahan Muzik)

    • Experience: 2 years
    • Worked with: Jason Music , ,People N Rich, Intigus, Classic Films, Film Stage, Studio Rawr Pictures.
    • Jingles Co-Produced: Honestbee
    • Artists Recorded: Beeman, Von Lee
    • Music Qualification: Grade 8 (Piano Practical & Theory)


  • Daniel

    Daniel Peter

    Composer  / Engineer

    • Experience: 11 years
    • Worked with: Digital N Universal Records, Harris Jayaraj, Ahmad Idham, Double Vision, Vision New Media,
    • Artist Produced: Shobana Nair & Jay jay, Shamila & Barath, Vinesh Kumar & Malini, Haren Davis, Arun, Radio Jockey Yaashini, Astro Vaanavil Super Star Singer Siddarthan, Logeswary, Jeeva,
    • Movie Scoring Produced: KO & 7am Arivu, Jangan Pandang-pandang, Suatu Ketika, AHK The Revolver, Group Call, Vizhuthu
    • Jingles Worked on: MAS, KFC, Bomba, Unitar



  • Dato' Johnny Mun

    Dato’ Johnny Mun (President of 4As Malaysia)
    Chief Executive of Oxygen Advertising Sdn. Bhd.


    “Having worked closely with Richard and his team over the years, I find that they are not only helpful in providing solutions but also always try to go that extra mile in ensuring quality deliveries – every time.

     I’ll continue to have the SuperRed team as our partner and have no hesitation in recommending them to whoever in need of their expertise.”




  • Mei Choo

    Mei Choo
    Creative Director of People ‘N Rich – H

    “Creative, professional and one of the nicest people to work with in the industry. 

    Richard and his team have consistently produced and delivered fantastic results, each time, every time.”


  • Sara G

    Sara G
    Musician, Painter, Copywriter

    “I’ve been in advertising now for about 10 years. As a copywriter and firm believer in original thinking, I write, compose and also perform the radio jingles that I create for my clients.

    In the decade that I’ve spent learning from the industry with accolades along the way, I’ve worked with a significant number of music production houses. But I must say, as a musician and copywriter, the one that’s always at the top on my list is Super Red Music. They have a team of sound engineers who are good musicians themselves with a keen ear for little nuances that can make all the difference between a good radio spot/jingle and a great one.

    In all the blare that the masses hear out there, the team at Super Red Music has found the key to making that one sound which people listen to. It’s clear to see why they hit that right note with my work each time.”

  • Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee
    VFX Supervisor at Studio Rawr Pictures Sdn. Bhd.

    “ I am a major advocate of these folks and Super Red Music! It was a pleasure to work with the team and to be inspired by their producing & mixing expertise. Appreciated for the team’s commitment to excellence, the passion, and the fully backing up for us! “

  • Peter Chan

    Peter Chan

    “Working with SuperRed has been nothing less than satisfying.
    From understanding the brief to the final creation they always never fail to surprise.
    They are more than just musicians and sound wizards.
    And their passion is totally infectious.
    Just a word of caution.
    Collaborating with them is absolutely addictive.
    You have been warned.”

  • Kenn, Yeap Thiam Hoong

    Kenn, Yeap Thiam Hoong 葉添鸿
    Executive Consumer Communications
    Consumer Communications Group, Television Networks, Media Prima Berhad


    他们是拥有创意和突破这两种元素的音乐创作人,他们是打开电邮收到DEMO会惊心动魄但是会让人惊喜的一群音乐制作人。首要媒体第一次农历新年活动主题曲交到他们手上,也成功打造了一首脍炙人口且琅琅上口,至今还无法从记忆中抹去的《样样都好VERY GOOD!》就是出自他们手中。对于他们的制作从未担心!

  • Adrian Pang

    Adrian Pang
    Executive Producer
    PRS Productions (M) Sdn Bhd

    “A bunch of young energetic team in Super Red Music that has creative flair, passionate about their work & at the same time accommodating.

    Having work closely on numerous jobs with Richard & Daeren, I find that they take their work seriously & willing to go the extra mile no matter what the circumstances.

    The jokes & funny moments encountered in-between job just says that these people at Super Red Music knows how to strikes a balance between work & play. Kudos & keep it up folks!”

  • Betsy

    Freelance producer

    “Always enjoy working with Super Red. They deliver beyond what they agreed and are always on standby mode. Most important is, they are not just a bunch of talented folks, they are also a team that is very fun to work with!






Our Work